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Spotlight on Taking Root

Posted October 17, 2017 in Informational by Lewis Waite
We are thrilled to partner with Taking Root Teas and Apothecary for many reasons.  Clinical Herbalist Lani Courtney founded Taking Root in 2013, after she discovered her passion for plants while gaining her bachelor’s of science in Biology, and dual minors in Chemistry and Art. After graduating, she continued building her expertise with a three year program at the Vermont  Center for Integrative Herbalism. Each of the herbal remedies we offer is carefully hand crafted to target specific health and well-being imbalances.  Taking Root uses only the finest and freshest ingredients either ethically wild harvested or grown on their own organic pesticide-free garden or from reputable organic companies.  The herbs are hand-picked and processed in small batches for maximum care and freshness. The teas are not only beneficial for our bodies, they all taste great, too! Try any of the Herbal Teas, Salves, Fighter Cider, or Infusions and we know you will love them as much as we do.
Why we prefer loose leaf teas
               It might seem a little daunting to switch to loose leaf tea in this fast paced world, especially if you are in the habit of dunking a pre-portioned teabag into a mug. The result, however, is most definitely worth the effort, and I think you will find that once you have a routine it doesn’t take much extra time at all. Most of the conventional teabags that you find in the grocery store are comprised of broken and heavily processed  herbs or tea leaves. The more the plant is processed the more breakage and crumbling will occur, often leaving only dust. This causes more surface area to be exposed to the air and all those wonderful essential oils that give a good cup of tea its full flavor and aroma evaporate quickly, leaving the resulting tea stale and dull. Thus, many large scale tea processors will often add artificial flavors to make up for lack of natural flavor. A good loose leaf formula uses the whole unbroken leaf or blossom of the plant, allowing it to keep its essential oils and retain its full integrity. If you are using herbal teas medicinally, this is especially important to keep in mind, in order to maximize their full benefits for health and well-being.  There are many items that can make the loose leaf brewing process easy and quick including packing your own tea bags and storing them in an air tight container, and using tea strainers or French presses.
Herbal Remedies and you
               Herbal remedies rely on the belief that the human body is as resilient as any other living thing and that it is innately self-healing.  Herbs support the body’s natural inclination to heal itself for long lasting results without pesky side-effects. If something is out of balance in your body the best way to remedy the situation is often to gently push it back into harmony. If you push too hard or don’t give your body time to adapt you may throw yourself too far in one direction. Herbs are gentle enough to match the body’s natural process. Plants, just like the human body, are living things and are exposed to the same air, water, and environment that we are. They adapt with the changing environment and develop metabolites that help them to survive. These metabolites can also benefit our bodies and when they are crafted into the formulas designed by Lani Courtney they can target specific imbalances. Each formula is carefully designed with traditional Ayruvedic, Chinese, Western, and Pharmalogical research in mind resulting in well-rounded support.
Recommendations from our team at Lewis Waite CSA Extras:
Breathe Deep-Loose Leaf Herbal Tea: This is a great time to order this tea, especially if you suffer from Fall allergies. The formula is designed to “Clear lung congestion and provide comfort from coughing so you can enjoy a deep sigh of relief” and it really works!! We noticed that as well as providing allergy relief the tea also tastes fantastic on its own with no sweeteners.


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