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3-Corner Field Farm

Nestled in the Battenkill River Valley at the foothills of the Green Mountains on the border of New York and Vermont, 3 Corner Field Farm maintains a sustainably farmed 150 sheep herd, with an average of 300 lambs born each year. Their sheep are rotationally grazed through their 100 acres farm. We are one of the few farms in the country that milk sheep for use in the production of gourmet cheeses and yogurt. On 3-Corner Field Farm we use husbandry practices that allow our sheep and lamb to live in a natural environment eating just the types of grasses and legumes that nature intended. We believe there is an environmental advantage to living "light on the land", and that it is more humane, as well. One significant result from this type of farming is that food produced in this manner is tastier and healthier.
Our respect for these old-fashioned practices extends to the cheese making room as well. Cheeses produced using traditional practices: using small batches of raw milk, hand cutting and stirring of curd, and aging in a "cave-like" environment, produce some of the world's most renowned cheeses. Many of these cheeses are made from sheep's milk because it produces cheese whose texture and taste are incomparable.
All of our aged cheeses are made from raw sheep's milk. In keeping with U.S. regulations, our younger cheeses are made with milk pasteurized at the lowest allowable temperatures. Our traditionally-made, artisanal sheep's milk cheeses and our yogurt are all produced on the Farm, and sold only when at their best age or degree of ripeness. Fresh cheese is made each week in small batches to insure that the milky goodness is at its best.

Lamb Kebobs

3-Corner Field Farm

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