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Beth's Farm Kitchen

Beth’s Kitchen began its business in 1981 in a 1850s farmhouse in Columbia County in New York State. Beth Farm Kitchen’s first product was Strawberry Jam. Since then they’ve developed over 90 jam varieties. Why stick with a single product, especially since so many fruits are grown in this region? They could not overlook even the tiny elderberry. They have also expanded into subtle and spicy chutneys, pickles, relish, mustards and ketsup.

Beth’s Kitchen buys all of their fruit locally or regionally (with the exception of citrus). Over the years, everyone at Beth’s Farm Kitchen has developed great, long-lasting—and fun—relationships with the farmers in their area. They buy fresh fruit, it is immediately frozen. They freeze the produce in season at the peak of ripeness so that it can be cooked in fresh, small batches year round. Every Monday ‘The Crew’ stages the week’s production.

Every season starts with a planning session. Executing the plan is sometimes tricky, however. The growing season for some fruits and vegetables varies, and the crops may be more or less plentiful. Mother Nature keeps everyone guessing, but they adapt.

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