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Our heritage breed goslings, gray and white (Toulouse) and mottled beige-tan and white (American Buff), arrived on lovely mornings in April and May as day-olds from Metzer Waterfowl Farms in California. Despite that shipping distance, they all arrived alive and peeping away at 8:00 a.m. in large boxes at our local Post Office. Right away, we dipped their bills in fresh water in the kitchen as we counted and transferred to larger containers. Then they were off to the sheep barn for “goose starter,’ a grain mix, and lights for warmth, along with water, water, water, and more water. They soon learned we were t-h-e meal ticket, and chattered away when we were nearby. As they grew, their pen grew, until they were ‘feathered out’ and large enough to explore the grass near the barn. Geese love grass, and are excellent lawn mowers. In a short time, we ‘weaned’ from the brooder, and soon put them to pasture all the time, surrounded by electric net fencing for protection. Vigorous healthy birds, they love their grass, and love their water and more water and more water. They still eat some grain for carbohydrates and to keep them warm. Goose for Dinner. There’s nothing quite like the flavorful dark meat from goose, which is lower in fat than beef or lamb. The fat is semi-solid, mostly just under the skin, and contains over 50% of the beneficial monounsaturated oleic fatty acid, an Omega-3. Rendered semi-solid goose fat is excellent for sautéing vegetables, making pilaf, or roasting potatoes. We expect our geese to be leaner than conventionally raised birds. (Liver included, unless you request otherwise.)

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