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Putney Mountain Winery

Putney Mountain Winery makes artisanal fruit wines from the finest Connecticut River Valley fruit. Their Vermont Cassis earned three medals in international competitions in 2010 and was judged the "best fruit wine in the northeast" at the wine competition at the BigE in Springfield, Mass. To make Putney Bubbly (non -alcoholic) they use the apple cider Paul Dutton makes at his orchard in nearby Newfane, Vermont. It is the best tasting apple cider they know. They begin adding bubbles to the cider the same day the apples are pressed. Thus capturing, in every bottle of Putney Bubbly, the sensational flavor of Paul Dutton’s cider. Paul Dutton uses Integrated Pest Management strategies to manage his apple orchard, meaning a combination of techniques to minimize pest damage, and does not just blanket his fields with pesticides.

Hostess Gift - Sparkling Cranberry Apple Cider

Putney Mountain Winery

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