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Tall Cat Coffee Roasters

Tall Cat Coffee Roasters LLC is a Single Origin Micro-Roaster located in historic Dorset, Vermont. We know coffee.
Tall Cat Coffee Roasters sources only the very highest quality Green Coffee available to the U.S. market.  Yeah, we’re small, but hey…we have connections!  Our coffees are only available as “Single Origins” and we do not blend any of our coffees.  We have spent months selecting the particular farms that we work with from each origin country.  We have chosen farms whose coffees exhibit flavor profiles that highlight the terroir or “taste of place” of the region from which they are imported.  When roasted properly, we can extract just the right flavor from each bean in order to truly let their origins shine.  In order to achieve such a level of control during the roast, we have made a decision to roast our coffees in “micro” batches in order to give us far more control during the roasting process.  We hope you enjoy all of our coffees, and above all else we encourage you to share your feedback with us!

ABOUT OUR PACKAGING                                                                                                                                                                  
All of our bags are equipped with one-way de-gassing valves.  Freshly roasted coffee emits a lot of carbon dioxide and these one way valves allow the CO2 to escape, along with all of the ambient air trapped inside when the bags are sealed.  This essentially creates a wonderful modified atmosphere package that allows our freshly roasted coffee to remain “roast fresh” for several months.  Once the bags are opened, the coffee should be consumed within 2 weeks to ensure optimum roast profile and flavor.

We are serious about our coffee, and we are equally serious about customer satisfaction.  We do not “stock” roasted coffee…ever.   We roast coffee only when you place an order. Not only does this ensure freshness, but it also provides as much shelf life as possible to our retail partners.  We are extremely proud of the coffee we source as well as our ability to roast it in a manner that truly exhibits what makes each particular bean so special.  We truly hope you enjoy our coffees.

Organic "Cats Meow" Lowest Acid Blend Whole Bean

Tall Cat Coffee Roasters

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