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We met the Yoders at the Dorset Market in Vermont. Ryan and Rachel Yoder Farm grow beans, chickens, popcorn (we already offer the popcorn), and apple products (among other things). They are a small family farm committed to ecologically sound agriculture. Ryan travels the area restoring old apple orchards, provided he can harvest the apples. They make Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, Apple Ketchup, and live Apple Cider. The base of operations is Smokey House Center, a nonprofit whose mission is education, agriculture and conservation. They are not certified organic because their apples come from all over Vermont. The product is labeled with which farm the apples came from if possible. No preservatives or chemical ingredients.
Their dried beans are grown on the farm, without any chemicals, and are not sprayed with any preservatives when dried, but the farm is not certified organic.

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