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All Purpose White Flour 2# bag

$4.69 / Each

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Tired of buying bleached flour from across the world, covered in pesticide and empty of any nutritional value? Have you been looking for an organic, locally grown, all-purpose flour, full of vitamins and minerals? Well, look no further!

A blend of hard red wheat and soft white winter wheat, with a protein content around 11%. Unlike conventional white flour, we retain the wheat germ, which is the nutritional heart of the wheat berry. The milling process is similar to our High Extraction Flour, but this flour is softer and lighter than our bread flour. With the large bran flakes removed, the tiny bran flakes (ash) create a finer texture and impart the creamy color to the flour. About half the bran content of whole-wheat flour.

All Farmer Ground Flour is 100% certified organic and grown in New York State. Grains are selected for flavor and performance, and every year we plant trial plots of heirloom wheats. Their light wheat offers bakers the performance of roller-milled white flour, but with all the flavor and nutrition of stone-milled.